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Time, Energy, and Money

3 Ways to Join the TEAM

YFC activates volunteers, chapter leaders, mentors, and staff as the hands and feet of our ministry efforts. Every role in our movement points back to building relationships that work to introduce young people to Christ. Our partners are zealous for advancing the gospel, passionate about reaching young people everywhere, and eager to make a difference.


Mentor and Introduce kids to Jesus at pivotal moments

Join our movement of leaders who are passionate about introducing 11-19 year olds to Jesus. We’re not looking for perfect people or superstars; just those who are willing to listen well, to be themselves, and to be present in a young person’s life. There are opportunities all across our community. Fill out our volunteer form to find an opportunity near you or see current job listings if you're interested in employment.


We believe in the power through intentional prayer

A huge part of supporting the ongoing ministry that takes place each week is lifting it up in prayer. Prayer for the organization, the leaders involved, the youth, and more. Join our prayer team by receiving texts a couple times a month. Simply text "@baF998c" to the number 81010. ALSO, individuals give of their energy by BAKING COOKIES for our weekly gatherings. We hear comments all the time from youth that their favorite thing was the homemade treats. If you'd like to sign up to bake or provide treats, contact our office today! Just call 651-1669.


Giving Partners

Across the movement, YFC humbly partners with financial contributors who engage with our work and mission. YFC giving partners are gospel-oriented with a special interest in reaching the next generation, particularly young people who may feel overlooked. These partners seek to be faithful stewards, following Jesus as they actively support the YFC mission. We are accountable to our giving partners, as we are to other supporting groups, in sharing stories of our work and maintaining transparency in our mission, postured as grateful partners.

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Spend your summer investing in the next generation!

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