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October 3rd & 6th are going to be huge!

Campus Life Kickoffs!

Don't miss out on the huge club kickoffs for Campus Life! High school is kicking off the school year Monday, October 3rd from 7:17-8:30 at the youth center in Sturgis. Middle school is starting all together on Thursday, October 6th from 7-8pm at the youth center in Sturgis. Each kick off is a Fiesta night with nachos, free t-shirts, games, and prizes! Find a ministry site near you below.

Check out our upcoming events!

Middle School Event

All Nighter

Join us Nov. 4-5 for the annual ALL NIGHTER!

An event for caring adults

Be The Story Dinner

Celebrate the past year of ministry & learn how YOU can Be The Story.

Coastal YFC Young people

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Uncover god’s story in the next generation

Stewards of His message, ministers of His grace

Young people together

We believe that meaningful relationships are where God can work to uncover His story of Hope in the life of a young person. We work humbly as followers of Jesus inviting others to walk with us towards Christ.

We're reaching young people everywhere in Southwest Michigan

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