Electronic Funds Transfer

If you would like to donate weekly or monthly to Youth For Christ Southwest MI without the hassle of sending in a check each week/month, electronic funds transfer could be a great tool for you! You simply fill out the information and check that you agree to the payment, and then YFC will set it up with your bank to take out that amount with no extra charge or hassle. When you would like the payments to end, simply contact YFC and we can make that happen. Payments will come out the first week of the month.

I hereby authorize Youth For Christ of Southwest Michigan to initiate debit entries to my (our) check or savings account indicated below and the depository named below to debit same to the account.

Please select the amount you would like withdrawn each payment.

Please select how often you would like the amount to be donated to YFC from your account.

Please give us an email or phone number so we can contact you to confirm this transaction once it is set up with the bank.

Please fill out the date of which you are completing this form.

This authority is to remain in effect until Youth For Christ has received written notification from me of its termination in a time and manner as to allow Sturgis Bank & Trust opportunity to act on it.